Whether you’re looking for the perfect family pet, a legendary hunting companion, or just a friend to bring along for the ride, Badland Retrievers has the perfect fur-baby waiting for you.


These are our mama dogs. We only use the best of the best when it comes to breeding any dog, but doubly so for these girls. These are the mothers of future champions.

They play a huge role in training our young pups to become polite members of society. Everything from potty training; to learning to play nice with the other dogs. Without them we're not sure where we'd be.

These good ole' boys are how the magic happens. Right now we just have Marcus, named after the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, he’s just about as noble and regal as the original, and twice as fun.

He comes from a long line of other noble and regal fathers, but none that could ever hold the same place in our hearts as Marcus.

Our fur-babies are what turns our job as breeders, into the crazy fun experience that it is. Every day is a new adventure with these little fuzz bundles - and once you pick one up, you'll begin to wonder how you ever went through life without one of your own.

Everything from endlessly following at your heels outside, and around the house, to falling asleep in your lap after you get home from a long day of work, will make owning a Badland Golden an unforgettable experience.

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